Designer inspired fashions for very special dogs
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Our Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction. In addition, you are under no obligation to keep any shipment you do not want. Simply return all unopened products within 30 days and your account will be credited within three business days.

Price Changes

All prices are subject to change without notice. If you phone, fax or mail in an order, we are not obligated to advise you of price increases. If you want to be advised of current pricing, please request a formal price quote. Please be advised that a formal price quote may add a few business days to process your order.

Confirming Purchase Orders

If you phone in an order and then follow it up with an official confirmation, be sure it states "Confirmation - Do Not Duplicate". We will not be responsible for any duplicate shipments unless this statement appears on your paperwork.


We regret to state that we will not acknowledge any orders phoned, mailed or faxed to us. It is your responsibility to follow up on your orders.

Claims & Shortages

If your order indicates a back order (B/O), we will try to get this item to you as soon as possible. Many times we receive calls from people who think they have been short shipped, when in fact theitem is on back order.

If your paperwork indicates an item was shipped, and it was not in your box, give us a call.

If you receive a box that looks visably damaged, do not sign for it. Examine the contents to see if any items are damaged. If you sign a UPS, Fed Ex or Truck receipt without noting damage or missing cartons, no claim will be issued to you. There is no doubt that shipments get lost or damaged, but we can not help you if you sign for the shipment without noting damage.


Please do not return items without prior authorization. Our return policy is informal (no RA# will be issued) but we like to keep a look out for your return.

Custom-made items can not be returned!


Please be advised that all our prices are discounted. If you are placing a very large order, and we mean large, management can review your pricing. Please allow additional days to process your order. No discounts will be given at our retail store!

Shipping Costs

Shipping charges are calculated on the high end. Actual shipping charges will be based on the UPS or Fed Ex rate for your package plus a $2.00 handling fee.